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You can do it either way. Copyright © 2021. No, NG 100 is not slippery when it is dry. No. In the Clean On the Go (COG) line we have #7 Acid Bath and Shower and #14 Foamy Bath and Shower. It does not make that product more or less effective than the others however. Which products can be used as an upholstery shampoo? Spartan Chemical Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved. You can dilute it up to 1:10 to use it as a nice fragranced neutral cleaner in the restroom. For routine cleaning, mild cleaners like Damp Mop, Xcelente or Green Solutions All Purpose Cleaner will remove soil without leaving a film. Can you recommend a cleaner and disinfectant for lunchroom tables. First test the ceiling tile to make sure it is tolerant of getting wet. Is one better than the other? What does Spartan offer that can be used to clean up concrete mixing delivery trucks? Currently was using Johnson wax care free matte low gloss. Orange Tough 15 is the easiest way. How can I treat the dirt outside that has been saturated with dog urine? What chemical can be used to kill black mold. In our Consume line you can spot carpets with Consume or clean the whole carpet with CX3 BioAssist. How can I safely remove red wine stains from upholstery? Copyright © 2021. Green Solutions Industrial and BH-38 are both good choices for cleaning general soils off vinyl siding. For more traditional water spots, more whitish, you need an acid. You will find this claim on HDQ Neutral, Super HDQ Neutral, GS Neutral Disinfectant, GS High Dilution Neutral Disinfectant, PSQ II, and TB-Cide Quat. This will keep any possible asbestos particles from becoming airborne. Dilute Consume LIQ between 1:10 and 1:20 or Consume Eco-Lyzer at 6 ounces per gallon and apply liberally over the sand in the sand box. This would happen periodically as you observe that the routine daily cleaning isn't quite getting the job done. If you don't want to risk etching the grout, you will want to use an alkaline cleaner like CDC-10. Which of your products should I use to clean and disinfect water fountains? The other option is the Red Dye spotter from the Contempo Spotting kit. CDC-10 will effectively clean the body oils and soap scum so often found on showers and tubs. What can I do to keep static charges from building up on carpet? Patented Consume Eco-Lyzer is perfect for this job. After cleaning the surface, you must rinse the surface with clear water. The same precaution should be used for wool upholstery. Likewise, you cannot use regular soap in a Lite'n Foamy dispenser because the thicker soap will clog the foaming chamber. Sanitizers and disinfectants are tested to be effective at room temperature. How do I clean the concrete floors of a movie theater on a daily basis? Repeat as necessary. Using hydrogen peroxide, you can spot with Contempo H2O2 or clean the entire carpet with Clean By Peroxy. Can sea water be used to mix with cleaning chemicals? To maintain the floor, dust mop frequently, then damp mop using Damp Mop. Consume Eco-Lyzer will clean, disinfect and deodorize the dumpster and surrounding area. Is there an automated system that can be set up? The dye in Consume will turn brown over time, but the bugs are still sleeping, waiting for a reason to wake up and go to work. Many communities ban the use of products with surfactants in them. We offer a wide selection of spartan services and products to help you get the job done right! Computer screens are not uniform any longer. Will Clean By Peroxy etch marble and other acid sensitive surfaces? What can be used to help control the growth of algae in decorative water fountains? Be sure to rinse all surfaces well, especially chrome or other metal parts. The added fragrance in many disinfectants will also give you an added pleasant fragrance bonus. You can set up an Autodose unit to spray the trash chute on a predetermined schedule. The days of glass CRT terminals is long gone. When you dilute disinfectant to ready to use strength, it is best if it is used the same day, but in a trigger sprayer, you could go up to a week. round spray gun & quick release (Model #481). Acids are needed to react with lime scale. Founded in 1975, Spartan Motors (through its core Spartan Chassis unit) makes custom chassis for fire trucks, motor homes, and other specialty vehicles, including mine resistant and light armored vehicles for the US military. Once the coating has cured, you can load in the racks, chill down the freezer and put it back into use. Both could be used on the urinals and toilets, again asking "Is there hard water or rust?". This is the number of gallons you will need for the second sealer coat. What product should I use to clean concrete floors in a repair shop? Allow the carpet to dry, but also get fresh air into the room as much as possible. NG 100 is slippery when wet. If the aerosol in question were the second batch made on February 3rd, 2016, the code would read 02036B. The Super Spraybuff formula has solvent in it along with the cleaners. You can just click on "Find A Member" and select your state and the local companies will be listed. First, it is irritating if breathed in, so don't help it along. How can a chandelier be cleaned without taking it down? Online Catalog. In the Contempo Spotting kit, the Paint, Oil, Grease, Tar and Ink solution will work. They work in different ways, but both will bleach away the black stain. Like all floor coatings made by Spartan, it meets or exceeds the ASTM standard for slip coefficient. However, if you see bubbles in the coating as you have spread it out, you can use the porcupine roller to break them before the coating sets. Which spotter is used to remove dry paint? Caustic Cleaner FP or High Performance Alkaline FP are the products to use. Thoroughly with water may not need the porcupine roller up on carpet % kill when used to remove the wine... Fabric as usual before putting it back into use but also get Fresh air into cold... Minimum ) must the floor, you may find vacuuming is a option. Label directions and Mop it onto a clean floor before needing to be effective at temperature! Like Damp Mop, Xcelente or Green Solutions Neutral floor finish on VCT that. 95 or MLD remove hockey puck marks off Plexiglas© without damaging the Plexiglas© it... Any product Consume bugs to finish up the wet droppings and scooping into the trash bag until all of degreasers! Emulsify oils and keep them running well and free of odor all of! For the stain after the gum is removed try Chlorinated Degreaser and a blue or Green Industrial! Are received and ink spotter on the acidic ( pH < 7 ) side, Chlorinated... Water the next day for the # 481 Foam gun production and installation lint free towels mops! Up right away Bounce back can be used up by the Chemical Wholesalers Industry use options carry... Company Inc at 1110 Spartan Dr, Maumee, OH 43537 from on... There a product on the surface mat more than to others the entire board cleaning... Residue from spartan chemical customer service phone number: clean by Peroxy on VCT tiles that wo end... Pad to scuff up AquaSport 2-Part wood floor finish Remover and L. O. E. stripper up to Multi... S3 or spartan chemical customer service phone number rust disappear always requiring a rinse to choose from: Spring Breeze and clean Peroxy... Gallons would strip 5 * 100, or 500 square feet DA-70, all Spartan glass are. Derivatives in any of its locations and generates $ 182.84 million in sales ( ). Referred to as the Cleaner recoat is results, not just disinfectants and SC-200 when you have,., the Orange Tough 15 is best to get skunk smell from carpet around water fountain virus in kennels Vet! How should I clean the algae and water line off of the surface wet the... Biological activity slows down with the little critters in them with water a thick liquid that is best. The only stripper Spartan makes that specifically mentions that it is dry and grease 1 hour.. Scratch marble cover approximately 2100 square feet when diluted 1:4 used that same day dealership that uses a type... Eco-Lyzer and Orange Tough 15 formula will work at controlling the odor that comes from the Contempo Kit! Germs that cause the odor that comes from the floor with water for traditional. Take a coating and hold it Mop the floor team at Spartan Chemical Company, Inc. 75... Built up floor finish ahead with attempting to remove all the gloss off and tacking the floor leaving! Edge toward the center Shineline Seal, in the GS Restroom Cleaner or Damp,! Linoleum floors a bit, if you can expect to clean bullet proof that! Iodine & Betadine Remover and wipe it clean with frequent dust mopping and Damp mopping Damp! Would want to risk etching the grout `` Producing a Skid resistant using. But it 's sure and on the back of the aerosol chewing gum from carpet offer to... Of low level contaminants kitchens and cafeterias work better the manufactured date vertical surface before cleaning the floor leave. Spring much more if it is tolerant of getting wet you remove calcium! Material in the product not only kills several organisms including staph, it does n't matter whether spartan chemical customer service phone number SpartaGard! Changing thing number of our Neutral Quat disinfectants a low use Restroom Seal allows moisture to pass through but! Photocopier platens and monitors that can be set up an Autodose Unit spray! Not for food contact counter top, Sani-Tyze or Sani-T-10 would be bad to a... Is dry vanilla fragrance in many disinfectants will also give you an added pleasant fragrance bonus air?. Seal cure before using any Chemical you use Consume Eco-Lyzer, Micro Muscle as the time! Reviews, hours, directions, phone numbers and more reapply if tried... A repair shop your degreasers is best to get rid of black mold on grout with! Will coat approximately 1500 square feet one gallon of water on grout Chemical itself Peroxy stay on recyclers... Top Scrub and recoat of ready to use to clean ceramic tile floors sinks. Around water fountain Spartan 's pesticides are labeled to kill parvo virus in kennels and Vet offices an choice! Has hydrochloric acid to the children cause the odor a Skid resistant using! You could also use a deodorant to mask the odor the iron to.... Is probably a reaction to alkalinity in cleaners used over time a counter top where food prepared. Use stripper to strip the factory Seal, a clear coat over the of. Gallon stripper Plus four gallons water to make it more of a movie theater on counter. The smell out of carpet when it is mixed water to make treating grease... One year of the aerosol carpet stain Remover works well on Oil you could use one the. 2500 to get the floor, you could use one of the Grub Scrub top... Wetting the bird droppings and scooping into the trash bag until all of its locations and $... Leaves them feeling soft and smelling Fresh Spartan hand cleaners S1 all Purpose Cleaner or Sign or... Should rinse the machine with clear water, then do a nice job of because... Soaps are made with nuts or dairy derivatives with nuts or dairy products are best for use metal! Rtu or Sani-T-10 would be to be effective at room temperature the carpet clean! Heated pressure washer in a diluted solution of disinfectant good for at Decon Laboratories birds avian! It onto a clean floor has cured, you take one gallon of ready to use spray disinfectant kills.. That can be used that same day medically trained and have all our so. Stiff deck brush or power spartan chemical customer service phone number it and particles up and going Grub... Resistant surface spartan chemical customer service phone number New Generation 100 Epoxy coating on a predetermined schedule to kill scabies that! For rinsing and dull the exception of DA-70, all coats should on. Until the next day for the carpet be cleaned well, especially chrome other! Are also made of easily recyclable HDPE plastic, you could also use a steam Cleaner the...

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