This is what is called the trend that has been all the rage in social networks and is here to stay this summer.

Get a daring air at the same time exotic with this change of look so radical, that will not leave anyone indifferent! From Garnier, we present the hair color that will make you feel in the fantasy worlds of the adorable and fascinating unicorns.

What is unicorn hair?

It is a technique to soften your hair with pastel tones, or with any of the nuances of the colors that the rainbow has. From there, you can choose the intensity you want the tone, or tones, that you have chosen to have. And then, it only remains to combine the colors that you liked and that best adapted to your skin complexion. Therefore, we recommend Olia Bold de Garnier with a new range of bold colors that you will love.

For example, dark and light blue in the tips or pink stick combined with faint gray … the combination will be the reflection of your personality. It’s all your choice!

How to choose the unicorn hair tones that go best with your skin color?

  • Light skin: if your skin color is pink, the pastel pink tone will be your great choice. In addition to this, peach tones, shades of gray or pearlescent will be great to get it.
  • Golden skin: in case your skin color is golden, the tones that will best suit your unicorn look will be bluish, turquoise, lavender, lilac … These colors are fashionable and will make you look spectacular!

Brown or tan skin: for brunettes, vibrant and energetic colors such as fuchsia, magenta or intense violet is ideal. These colors, in combination with the intense tone of your skin, will give you a very attractive, powerful and full of personality look. The purple range will also be a great choice!

Take a risk with the entire rainbow!

If you are one of the most daring and these tips we have given you know little, there is more!

Not only can you choose between the tones that we have provided according to your skin tone, but you can take it a step further and dare to wear all the colors that make up the rainbow too. And although it seems that no, there are one and a thousand options to combine and place them. You can take them hidden, under your natural hair, apply them in the neck area, bleach it and apply all shades, but it only in some tufts on the top …

Olia Bold, the guarantee to enjoy healthy unicorn hair

From Olia Bold, we bring you a wide range of shades so you can wear your favorite unicorn look and give a radical change to your hair to enjoy this summer, full of color and vitality!

These high-voltage tones of Olia, the permanent # 1 color without ammonia, are enhanced with naturally occurring floral oils. With them, you will visibly improve hair quality and give you maximum color efficiency. Intense, glamorous, vibrant, addictive colors. Dare without fear!

And the whole range can be used from the comfort of your home! What are you waiting for? Give your hair the rhythm it lacks and enjoy the sensory experience offered by Olia Bold de Garnier.

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