If you have already decided to assume the great change that involves going from brunette to blonde, there are certain aspects that you should take into account so that you do not regret the middle of the process.

There are many women who opt for this radical change of look, but, as it is an intense process, it is very common that many of them regret during the change for not taking into account certain factors. From Garnier, we tell you some things you should know before deciding on this drastic and daring look change.

Find out well. If you can, ask an expert for advice

You can find endless websites that can advise you step by step how to do it without damaging your hair excessively, however, the best option is, without a doubt, to ask for help from an expert who can give you personalized attention. In this way, you will avoid making mistakes that can negatively affect the health of your hair or achieve unwanted effects. If you have questions about the colorations, you can contact us through this same post or through social networks to ask for advice.

Find the perfect blonde

With the help of an expert, it will be much easier! It is very important to consider the tone of your skin and the type of hair you have to choose the shade that suits you best. Do not forget that there are many tones to choose from and surely you want to choose the one that best suits you. There are shades of blond suitable for all skin types, but you have to know how to choose which one is best for you. Check out our website in our coloring section to see for yourself!

How does it affect the hair?

If you want to do a previous discoloration before going from brunette to blonde, you have to use products that do not affect your well-being. Did you know that the discoloration necessary for a radical change requires that the hair be lightened, at least, 7 shades?

Now, if you use the right products, they don’t have to harm your hair. Therefore, we recommend Olia’s bleach, since, by not wearing ammonia, it does not overstretch the hair.

Be patient

The best way to make this change and not damage your hair too much in the process is to do it in a gradual way, so be prepared to be constant and be patient! It is a slow and long process, so you have to choose the right products for an excellent result.

For an optimal result, nothing better than choosing the dye that takes care of your hair. A good option is the Nutrisse ranges (Nutrisse dye # 8 is perfect to wear that blond that you crave so much) and Olia ( Olia 9.3, Very Light Golden Blonde). Both coloring lines will offer you a blond color full of life and vitality without harming your hair since it takes care of it and nourishes it in depth.

If you have decided to venture and make this change, you already know some of the most important aspects to consider. Do not forget that in Garnier’s blog we have the best tips to keep your new look. What are you waiting for gossip?

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