Say goodbye to brittle hair and get ready to have it strong and refreshed with Fructis de Garnier.

Having dry and open ends is normal for any type of hair. Damages from pollution and the use of heat sources are the cause of this characteristic. And it is that the tips are the most delicate part and the one that suffers the most from external aggressions. Therefore, today we announce the Goodbye Damage Fructis range, so that you treat your tips, have a healthier appearance and your hair is strong and has a natural shine.

  1. Repair Shampoo

The Goodbye Damage Shampoo is the first step you should take to start eliminating the weakness of your hair.

With its formula with Keraphyll and Amla Fruit Oil, it manages to repair your hair from the inside. Thus, you will obtain excellent smoothness and the fiber surface condition will have improved and will be very noticeable.

  1. Mask

Win a repaired, shiny and healthy hair thanks to the Goodbye Damage Mask, which repairs the surface of the hair fiber and fills the cracks that cause external aggressions.

Apply generously to all wet hair and let it act for 3 minutes. In this way, you will notice its effects almost immediately!

  1. Avoid some customs

Use a good brush to comb your hair. In fact, you will be surprised that something as simple as this affects the health of your hair, but choosing a good brush will maintain the appearance of each strand.

In addition, give the dryer a rest and do not throw so much iron, since heat sources are the main causes of brittle hair. They denature keratin, resulting in the hair fibers being unprotected. Therefore, it would be good if you use the dryer at a distance to reduce the negative effects.

If you are dyed, do not abuse the color too much. Take the proper routine to take care of dyed hair, because you should have double caution.

Also, do not abuse much of the cholesterol, since, many times, the pressure to which they subject the hair is causing the aforementioned factors.

The Fructis AdiĆ³s Damage range is a treatment that will help you to finally end with the split ends, but, in addition, do not forget that you have to maintain some habits with the care of your hair to prevent it from breaking and drying. Follow these little tips, combine them with the Fructis range and boast a renewed shot this fall!

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