The only trends you need to know this season.

Do you want a change of style, but you are not clear on which trend to lean?

Solved! because there is no better fashion advisor than celebrities since they wear very attractive hairstyles, adapted to trends and their personalities. Here are three types of hairstyles, which you can keep intact with Fructis Style Lacquer Extra strong.

The Bob is for everyone

It is one of the most famous celebrity hairstyles. Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Emma Roberts, Emilia Clarke, Dua Lipa, Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence, and Lily Collins are just some of the many celebrities who have chosen to wear this type of red carpet cut and events.

The reason for this success is that Bob’s hairstyle is flashy, sophisticated, stylizes the face and adapts to any style. In addition, it is very comfortable, practical and does not require much care to keep it short.

Ideal for the hot months, to get rid of the heat, it is also a very chic bet for the cold ones.

And if yours is to have a longer mane, but do not resist this cut, there is a variant, in the form of a half mane. This type is achieved by performing a low-picked hairstyle.

The bangs are back

The bangs never left at all. Its popularity declined over the past decade, but this year it has come back stronger than ever.

In fact, it has become the favorite detail of celebrities as important as Dakota Johnson, Emma Watson, and Alexa Chung, living examples, in addition, to how rejuvenating the bangs are.

In Spain, one of the celebrities who best wear the bangs is Blanca Suárez. This type of open curtain bangs works very well with a layered cut to add volume to the hair.

Also, if you want to be radiant and full of vitality with a very original bang, you can use Hydro Foam Curls of Garnier for a spectacular curl effect.

Dare with the Pixie

Not suitable for long hair lovers, the pixie cut is synonymous with comfort and personality. In return, he asks for security, since it is not a cut for those who lack patience or regret it easily.

It can be combined with almost any style, without sacrificing the glamor of a traditionally feminine style. There are some that prefer to even give a more striking touch and accompany it with fantasy or platinum dyes. If you are also fascinated by colors, you can try the line of Olia Bold de Garnier coloring products and surprise everyone with an original style.

Some celebrities who love this cut are Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Kristen Stewart, Katy Perry, Anne Hathaway or Scarlett Johansson.

Regardless of the style, you prefer for your hair, at Garnier we offer you the best products for your care and beauty.

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