Who said the redheaded tone went down in history? Well, I was totally wrong! This intense tone has arrived to stay this season.

After the summer, it is time to return to the routine … Of course, with the batteries charged and the forces renewed, it is time to receive the fall. And what better way to do it than to combine your hair with coppery and reddish tones just like the landscapes that begin to appear during this time of the year! It’s time to give your hair a fresh air with Nutrisse and Olia de Garnier, two perfect colorations for your hair. Do you want to discover how easy and simple it is to do it from your own home?

Step by step balayage wicks

  1. Take a little product and apply it in the area of ​​your neck 48h before starting the coloring, to see if your skin experiences an allergic reaction to the products.
  2. Once those two days have passed, get down to work and start combing your hair very well to untangle it.
  3. Pick up the top of your hair, leaving the hair in the lower area loose.
  4. Mix all the dye products in the bowl or dispenser that is included.
  5. Place a towel around your neck, stop unnecessary stains on your clothes!
  6. Apply the dye from the root in vertical lines down. We recommend that you use the color Olia 6.60 or Nutrisse 6.60 Intense Red dye, since they are perfect reddish tones for your hair, and also take care of it nourishing it and giving it the shine it needs. You can find the ideal redhead in these colors!
  7. Spread the entire product well through the desired area.
  8. Now apply the product from the root sideways.
  9. Spread it evenly by your hair.
  10. Apply in media and tips.
  11. Wait 30 minutes and rinse with plenty of water.

And that’s it! Have you seen how easy? Simpler impossible! You are ready to show off your redhead this fall. With Nutrisse and Olia, discover the red tones that are most suitable for you, while you cover, nourish and protect your hair while bringing a change to your look! Face a much better return to the routine with renewed airs for your hair full of intensity!

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