This new coloring trend will bring luminosity to your face and you will also be up to date.

If you are not the most daring and do not want to give a radical change to your hair it is better than the coloration or wicks you choose to give a new air to your hair are soft or discreet tones. Otherwise, by not starting slowly, you can get a disappointment and not be comfortable with your decision.

Meet the Nutrisse de Garnier range

Light golden brown hair is one of the trends for those who are not ready to go directly to the blonde tone. That is, it is like a first step to see you with lighter hair to your natural tone. This coloring helps to brighten the face and thanks to its golden reflections, they give a touch of shine to the brown skins.

With the Nutrisse color range, more specifically with the nutty dye 53, you can get a golden light brown ideal for your mane! In addition, with its intense nutritional formula with avocado, olive and blackcurrant oils, your hair will get shine, a more intense coloration, and perfect softness.

So you can wear this new trend, Nutrisse makes it easy for you. Its intense nutrition leaves your hair bright and gives the color a great intensity, so we can say that it is a great option to start with that change of look.

In addition, it is perfect for those looking for a permanent color that covers 100% gray hair and in turn, is able to obtain intense, natural and lasting results. For 8 weeks, your hair will be fully nourished and protected.

Look natural and highlight the color of your skin

Those who have dark or black hair and look for that luminosity that the color of the golden light brown provides will make their wicks lighten obtaining a natural appearance without the need for radical changes. For this tone will illuminate discreetly, and without attacking the wicks you have, since the discoloration that is performed is of low intensity.

Ah! and if you want to keep this color for longer, nothing better than using the new 3 in 1 Hair Food Goji from Fructis, enriched with extract of Goji fruit from China. This product (conditioner, mask and intensive treatment) will provide you with in-depth nutrition to take care of your dyed hair. And it will leave your hair bright and luminous!

Cheer up before the end of the summer and highlight that brunette with this tendency of coloring by the hand of Nutrisse!

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