As Marilyn Monroe said, ” the world prefers them blonde “, and we love to see how the golden tones contrast with the sun and the tan colors of the skin!

In this article, in addition to the ideal tone, we recommend some tips to keep your color for the rest of the summer. With these tips, you will be able to achieve that natural golden blond that you so desire, and you will know how to take care of it so that you do not end at the end of the summer natural blonde …

STEP 1: to dye!

To achieve a natural blond and golden color, we recommend the 7.3 Golden Blonde shade of the Nutrisse range, as it will give you that intense color that you so desire. The good thing about this range is that it leaves the hair nourished, super bright and natural, that is, 0 artificial effect!

STEP 2: Use a tinting treatment

Many times, the blond color tends to disappear as a result of the use of different products, such as the heat of the dryers and straighteners we use for our hair.

Therefore, many times our hair can lose color and become orange or whitish. However, there are products that color the color and return to give it its original brightness and tone, from shampoos to specific masks that can be used once a week. With them, you can restore the natural glow of your golden blond!

STEP 3: Use hair protectors

It is very important to nourish our hair since the shine depends on your health. If we neglect it, it is very likely that our color will also look more opaque and mistreated … Therefore, using protective masks, such as those offered by the Garnier range, is highly recommended.

Simply feed it at least twice a week to see the results.

STEP 4: get away from chemicals and the sun!

It is normal that in summer we like to spend hours in the pool and enjoy the sun. However, we must bear in mind that these two factors do not benefit our blond color … Because, on the one hand, the sun’s rays can alter the color and fade it little by little towards a lighter and more opaque tone; and, on the other hand, chlorine also deteriorates hair color and lightens it.

If we want to maintain our natural golden blond, we must take care of our hair from these two factors.

If we are going to spend a lot of time in the pool or in the sun, it is good to cover it with some type of cap or hat to avoid its overexposure. Then, we must apply some moisturizing products to be able to counteract its effects.

So, if you are like us who love golden blond, with these tips we assure you that you can enjoy it and look radiant all summer!

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