Tired of oily hair? Take note, because we tell you how to get perfect hydration while saying goodbye to excess sebum in your hair.

Our scalp produces sebum naturally as a form of protection. But, for different reasons, that production can be altered resulting in excess oily hair. Of course, with a few changes in your routine and with the help of the Fructis Pure Fresh Water Coconut range, we can get rid of hair fat and wear a properly hydrated hair.

Why do I have oily hair?

Having oily hair is linked to various factors. One has to do with genetic or hormonal causes, as some changes in our body can affect the skin of the scalp.

Also, washing it too much or a bad hair wash can lead to this cumbersome situation. A bad wash is one in which you use more product of the account or in which you do not rinse your hair properly.

In any case, to help prevent oily hair, we recommend that you try to use warm water to wash your hair. Believe it or not, very hot water tends to generate fat.

In addition, straight and fine hair tends to be more greasy by nature, since not having the right thickness, it does not capture the natural fat produced by the scalp and favors the remaining accumulation.

Coconut water for hair, the ingredient you did not expect.

Coconut is a fruit very rich in water that also contains amino acids, nutritive lipids (Omega 6 and 9), minerals, trace elements, and lauric acid. All of them are responsible for giving hydration and nutrition to the hair, in addition to providing strength and flexibility.

Also, if used as water, purifies and cleanses the scalp of excess sebum and dandruff, so that the hair will be oxygenated, prepared and protected against external aggressions.

For all these benefits, Fructis de Garnier has created the Pure Fresh Coconut Water range to answer the question you ask about how to remove hair fat.

  • Shampoo: its combination of coconut water with purifying agents helps to fortify the fiber with each application. In this way, the Fortifying Coconut Water Shampoo acts by purifying the scalp and providing hydration from lengths to ends.
  • Conditioner: to apply after shampooing, the Coconut Water Conditioner softens the fiber, providing, in addition to hydration, softness, and coolness in the hair free of caking.

In addition, with the sustainable commitment of Fructis, its packaging is 100% recyclable, so, while you rid your hair of excess sebum, you are taking care of the environment. Go ahead and tell us how you have done with the range of coconut water and visit our blog, where we tell you a lot of things for the care of your skin and your body.

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