Do you think you have to dye all your hair even if you have some other cane? It is much easier than you imagine!

It is not a good taste to have to waste a dye every two by three, and as in Garnier we know that it is very angry, with the range of permanent dyes of Color Sensation, forget about having to discard the rest of the product! Because, once you dye or give yourself a review, you can save the rest of the color you have leftover. We tell you how:

How to cover gray hair step by step


The Color Sensation range includes a coloring cream, a developer cream, a conditioner, a bowl, and a brush. Do not forget to wear gloves until the end of the process, and have a towel on hand so you do not stain your clothes (although it is recommended that you use something old).


Once this is done, prepare the mixture of the coloring cream and the developer in the bowl, and with the help of the brush mix everything very well. The mixture is ready for you to start applying it!


With the brush, put the product on dry hair starting from the central root. Then, separate the hair into strands and cover the rest of the roots. Don’t forget the forehead roots! And finally, spread the mixture through the rest of the hair until it is completely covered.


Collect your hair in a ponytail and let it act for 30 minutes if you have applied the entire product, otherwise, let it act 10 minutes less.

After this time, massage all your scalp and then rinse very well, until the water comes out completely clean.


Finally, apply the post-color conditioner, as it will add intensity to your tone and you will have a softer and brighter finish.

A trick!

To cover those gray hair, if you have blonde hair it is advisable to use a tone 7. In the case of being brown, your ideal coverage will be the tones from 4, and if you have dark hair, the tones between 1 and 4 They are ideal for you.

But the best of all is that, as we have said, with Color Sensation you can forget to discard the dye that has been leftover because, thanks to its resealable tubes, you can mix a small amount to cover those gray hairs that come out so fast and save it for future tweaks.

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