Balayage wicks are in fashion, it’s a fact. This French technique involves the application of points of light and brightness evenly throughout the hair, giving luminosity to the face and very bright color.

Balayage wicks go well for all types of cuts, but usually, hairdressers recommend Californian wicks for long hair and balayage wicks for medium and short hair. Some celebrities like Jessica Alba and Sarah Jessica Parker have already looked great with this technique.

If you also want to show off your hair with the star color, get Garnier Olia D +++ Extreme Bleaching, which offers maximum lightening power without containing ammonia.

Garnier Olia Extreme Bleaching is very easy to apply because its velvety cream melts quickly without dripping.

This coloring pack includes everything you need for an exceptional blonde without damaging the hair, it has an envelope of bleaching powder, lightening cream, applicator, and a conditioner to make your hair look better.

How to make balayage wicks with the bleach of Garnier Olia?

STEP 1. Mix the bleaching powder with the lightening cream and separate your hair with a bun on the top, leaving the bottom free.


STEP 2. Use transparent film for each partition you make in your hair. Each time you dye a strand, fold the film around it so you can still not get stained.

STEP 3. Apply the dye on the tips, without clarifying more than two shades. Then, apply wicks vertically above the tips. You can dye more or less, depending on the effect and intensity you want.

STEP 4. Once you have finished all your hair, let it act for 30 minutes and rinse.

STEP 5. Apply the conditioner enriched with oils for silky shiny hair.

If you have arrived here, surely you are delighted with your balayage wicks and we hope that the post and the video tutorial have been helpful!

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