Just as we care to protect our skin from the sun, we should not put aside the care of our hair in summer.

We mistakenly believe that once the winter has passed, our mane is not in such danger. But it is not so, because during the summer days the hair is exposed to other aggressions. With the arrival of heat, the hair is suffering from the consequences of seawater, swimming pools, sun rays … So, if you do not want it to end up damaged, discover how to take care of it this season!

Say goodbye to stress

Hair loss is not only caused by the use of dryers or irons; nor for the change of season … One of the most common and worrisome reasons for hair loss is when your body has high levels of physical, emotional and/or anxiety. So, to avoid it, try to be relaxed at this time, summer is for that, right? No stress!

On the other hand, hormonal changes, as well as the consumption of the contraceptive pill, can also lead to hair loss more acutely. Likewise, hypothyroidism and the polycystic ovary are, in turn, multipliers of hair loss. If you notice any symptoms of this type, the idea is that you go to the specialist doctor.

Stop bad food

Following a bad diet, without providing the necessary nutrients and vitamins that your body needs, greatly influences your hair. Like losing weight suddenly and not following a balanced diet.

If to all these factors, you add that the body emits more sweating than normal due to high temperatures (the head also sweats) and that during this period there is a greater hair loss, tell me if the reasons are not enough to avoid disregarding each of the hairs on your hair …!

With Garnier, we make it easy for you

To help you reduce hair loss in summer, make the Garctier Fructis Fuerza y ​​Brillo range your best ally!

Its fortifying shampoo will provide the strength and shine that your hair needs. Thanks to its combination of formulas with concentrated fruit fortifying assets, grapefruit essence and vitamins B3 and B6, you will take care of your hair fiber from the roots to the ends.

In addition, you can combine the shampoo together with the conditioner to clean and nourish it in depth. So don’t think twice and get ready to wear a #PELAZOFRUCTIS and stand up to the fall!

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