If in summer you have to take care and pay attention to the normal hair of the aggressions of the season, even more, when it is dyed with top rated beard dyes!

Many fear the arrival of heat and choose not to dye throughout the summer. There will be some that avoid the sun at all costs or keep it covered most of the time they spend under the sun’s rays … Obviously, the care of dyed hair is more complicated because it is more sensitive to the damage of the sun and the beach. From Garnier, we give you some tips to take care of your dyed hair during the summer.

Bye, bye irons and dryers

This type of hairstyle accessories, as we know, are harmful to the hair, but more in summer … Being hot all day and then using hot appliances can harm you more than normal. Try drying your hair outdoors and avoid dryers and irons that will only increase the damage.

Take care of salt and chlorine

The salt of the sea and the chlorine of the pools damage the scalp a lot and, especially, if you have dyed hair, since they discolor and dehydrate it. It is very important that we try to wash our hair immediately after leaving the sea or swimming in the pool. Natural water helps you take care of your hair from these factors and be able to look healthy and strong!

Follow a balanced diet

The phrase ” we are what we eat ” not only works for the body but is also reflected in our hair. The hair has to be well nourished not only on the outside but on the inside.

Following a balanced diet is necessary to keep our hair healthy. Try to eat a lot of vegetables and fish, as well as products that have zinc and Omega-3. Likewise, fruits are also necessary to give all the necessary vitamins to our scalp. What are you waiting for to eat well?

Hydrate your hair constantly!

We do not get tired of repeating it, and that is that moisturizing the hair is essential to cope with the heat and the sun. Using masks regularly is a must if you want to keep your hair healthy and shiny.

To achieve this, we recommend the products of the Honey Reeds range of Original Remedies, your perfect allies to achieve this goal! since they mix three ingredients derived from honey to protect and nourish your fragile hair: royal jelly, propolis, and honey.

A trick! If you want to dry your dyed hair (although, as we have said, it is better to leave it outdoors), apply a few drops of the tip sealer of this range to your hair, focusing on this part of your hair. No need to clarify. Your hair is immediately soft and shiny, with a delicate honey perfume that lasts all day!

Now that you know how to take care of your dyed hair this summer, do not hesitate to implement all these tips. Your hair will thank you!

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