The miraculous properties of argan oil

We who have dry hair know how difficult it can become, sometimes, to keep it healthy and beautiful, and more so if it is also curly. After all, there are so many factors that cause enormous damage to the hair and scalp and so many products and treatments with contradictory effects, that, sometimes, choosing the best (that which provides an immediate and definitive recovery) for this type of hair It becomes a very complicated task. Well, there is an element that is found naturally, endowed with excellent properties. It is argan oil, which causes incredible results.

Why curly hair is special and what do you need?

Something is certain, and it is that curly hair, as a rule, requires extra hydration to stay flexible, shiny and soft. If, in addition, you have it fine, fragile or brittle, maintenance should be more rigorous to achieve a mane full of health and vitality.

Likewise, as any external factor can affect you more deeply, there are many who prefer to flee from dyes, rinses, and treatments that involve intense heat, as curly hair is usually more prone to irreparable damage.

Argan oil, the best for moisturizing very dry curly hair

The benefits of argan oil are well known for its wonderful unique properties for hair restoration and care. The essential fatty acids (45% oleic acid and 35% linoleic acid) that it contains, together with vitamins E and F, are essential to strengthen and regenerate the hair fiber. The human body cannot synthesize these elements by itself, so argan oil is a great remedy to help hair fill with vitality.

In addition to this, argan oil acts as a protector of some of the external factors that we commonly find in these summer seasons and that affect the scalp and hair as a whole, such as the sun’s rays, the chlorine of the pools or the saltwater from the sea.

The best product with the best ingredients

Treatment with the Arixan Elixir Shampoo and the Arixan Elixir Cream Oil, both from the Garnier Original Remedies product range, has what you need to moisturize curly hair very dry, keeping your hair radiant and healthy.

In addition, these products not only have the incredible benefits of argan oil, but also the unique properties of almonds, whose minerals, proteins and vitamins A, B and E are ideal for defining curls, ending stubborn locks and protect your hair from external aggressions.

If you have been interested in this article or want to know more, do not forget to visit our Garnier Original Remedies product line, a series of magnificent products that offer the best natural ingredients.

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