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Excerpt-Do I wish that the Christian would become Hindu? Only a few movies and shows have really done this well, and certainly not enough to make a quality montage. Would like to give it a try please. I do love Jack Nicholson delivering his “You can’t handle the truth” movie speech. braveheart/muppets take manhattan/animal house/rudy/ dunno /dunno / dunno / lord of the rings: return of the king/startrek next generation/dunno/stand and deliver/newsies/your a good sport charlie brown/apallo 13/ rocky / kingdom of heaven/nute rockney all american/alexander/dunno/hang em high or high plains drifter/ robin hood prince of thieves/ lil dictator/patton/any given sunday/pirates : at world’s end/300/troy/dunno/miracle/dead poets society/galaxy quest/star wars/ the untouchables/dunno/peter pan/hoosiers/mighty ducks/henry v/pulp fiction/ braveheart again/independance day/free willie/angels in the outfield/cool runnings/dead poets society/animal house/spartacus/goonies/never ending story/rudy/shawshank redemption/grinch christmas/ferris bueller/bill and teds excellent adventure/rocky, P.S. FWIW, you could also put Natalie Portman with her arms up in the rain in V for Vendetta. the high strings part. Your efforts are appreciated! You find out life’s this game of inches, so is football. way to be a downer and spoil a good time. Obviously, there was some fudging to get it all in one aspect ratio. 4 years ago. You’re like a big bear, man! Parole Board Interviewer: Please, sit down. http://paulnich.blogspot.com/2008/12/most-inspirational-movie-ever.html. This means guy movies are more profitable and tend to dominate the marketplace, because they’re playing to more quadrants or whatever. Should have been way longer and it needed the Paul Newman Slpashot speech as as well as a speech from Mick in Rocky. (could only identify the music from ID4 in the end), Good stuff starts a bit more than a minute in —, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-Ai4SUrj8w. Now, you go ahead and read your Bible, Dennis, and you go to your church and with any luck you might win the annual raffle. I cannot stress how important it is for you to let the words in this video sink in. Believe me when I say we can break this army here, and win just one for the Gipper. From a basic standpoint, women buying shoes is something that is really only interesting to women. Both women are what I would argue “strong female characters,” yet still are under fire in their movies because of “scandal” and such. It is interesting how some of these story lines become a part of our lives. We say, “Please, God, tell us what is right. A new year with many unknowns. You won’t even stand up for me right here in America for my rights and my religious beliefs. Like “BUH dadadadad BUH dadadada BUH.” So I had to leave it out. And you are all being royally screwed over by these, these bureaucrats, with their steak lunches, their hunting and fishing trips, their corporate jets and golden parachutes. Please help!!! Ok, here’s an inspirational line from a woman: “Imagine, in the midst of all this slaughter, to die in a way that means something.”, aww, sweet this is just what we need in Digital Movie Processing in college. The Best 1 Minute Motivational Speech Ever: Jim Carrey . This one is one of my favorite political drama ones: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44R5BapEdYY, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qw5wetGMCrA. They could even get ahead of reality a bit and make more than 45% of the coaches in those movies women. 3 Minute Speeches Famous. I have a greater responsibility than you can possibly fathom. Three minutes to the biggest battle of our professional lives. I think Overthinking Things ™ makes them more fun, but I can see how others would think it sucks the fun out. 21 of The Most Motivational Movie Speeches of All Time. I don’t know if appreciation levels ever jump the shark for you to where “if you’ve seen one anonymous internet stranger thanking you and appreciating your work, then you’ve seen them all”, but count me in as one more to top the pile. As an Amazon Associate Overthinking It earns from qualifying purchases. Powered by WordPress. I must admit, also, I’d been searching for a way to communicate what I’d described as “Loving something for it’s strengths, while knowing of it’s faults and loving those too” while trying to describe the appeal of Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ On a Prayer”, which I feel like is the musical equivalent of one of these speeches. 1001 Speech Topics Handout Dec 2010.pdf . I’ve added it to my blog (philipandfamily.blogpsot.com) after finding it on msn.com. You own the company. Clap! F Four Freedoms‎ (1 C, 11 P) N Speeches by Nazis‎ (1 C, 2 P) Pages in category "World War II speeches" The following 21 pages are in this category, out of 21 total. The disproportionate gender balance is an interesting issue. and everyone commenting on the whole feminist argument really knows how to ruin a funny thing. Well in my book you either do it right or you get eliminated. Internet high five, Clara. can you give a list of all the films i would like to see some of them. Steve Jobs’ Commencement Address at Stanford University, 2005 . The music is from Branagh’s “Henry V,” composed by Patrick Doyle. We see the sails of the enemy approaching. Commemorative Speech 2 Commemorative Speech Your purpose in this speech is to inspire your audience to a sense of admiration for a person, a group of people, an institution, or an idea Specific Requirements: Speak 3 - 5 minutes.Speak from a manuscript. thanks Kevin, Way cool! You did an exceptional job and the overall message is great. Either way, I don’t give a damn what you think you are entitled to! Remember these pearls of wisdom. 0–9. So you go on and stamp your form, sonny, and stop wasting my time. Great compilation. At best, you could argue it’s a metaphor for consumerism, but even then it’s just buying something as a metaphor for buying things in general. So are you ready to take on the world? Famous 2 Minute Speeches Free PDF eBooks. It’s got Clive Owen, who is awesome. To Matt, And my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves lives. Category: 2 Minute Speeches. Audience Member: Have you been to prison?! Well, now, let me see. Just wanted to say thank you! Much food for thought, and very good job! The rich win; the poor are powerless. by Matthew Belinkie December 10th, 2008 Share on Facebook; Share on Twitter; So way back in April, I first had the idea of editing together inspirational speeches. Otherwise, there definitely would have been Buffy in there. 40 Inspirational Speeches in 2 Minutes Warning: do not watch this rousing montage if you have a heart condition. I look back on the way I was then, a young, stupid kid who committed that terrible crime. And should we win the day, the 4th of July will no longer be known as an American holiday, but as the day when the world declared in one voice: ‘We will not go quietly into the night!’ ‘We will not vanish without a fight!’ ‘We’re going to live on!’ ‘We’re going to survive!’, Today we celebrate our Independence Day!”. As a Robert Sean Leonard fangirl, I watched the entire thing just to see if Mr. Keating’s speech from Dead Poet’s Society was in there. Their task is to convey only the most important ideas and findings to a non-technical audience – and with only a single slide. my fav speech is the braveheart scenes. Ads related to: 2 Minute Famous Speeches Results from Microsoft . You’re going to work harder than you ever worked before. I have a list of what i think are the movies you used. See the new "I Love You" video!http://youtu.be/mCPZaX_foxUTRANSCRIPT:Shame on you. When did the question move from ‘Why are we going to war?’ to ‘Who is this man’s wife?’. Mlawski says it better, as I would expect. Alas, I’m clueless as to how to make a YouTube video. Es ist jeder Famous battle speeches dauerhaft auf Amazon.de im Lager und somit sofort lieferbar. Oh, well. A short speech is a great test. Gamespot. And after a time we become dead, a little dead. If a person grits his teeth and shows real determination, failure is not an option. Well done Mr Belinke. 2 Minute Speech Sample . Watch this great movie speech here. Funny 2 Minute Speeches. clever. For the next 30 days.” ​If you’re inspired to try your own 30 Day Challenge, see the end of the post for some ideas and a free 30 Day Challenge Tracker. Your gonna see a guy who will sacrifice himself for this team, because he knows when it comes down to it your gonna do the same for him. Why? @BothTeamsPlayedHard – Yeah, I thought about Scent of a Woman. Or if you have the vaguest clue as to how talented someone has to be to lead a surgical team. Redding: There’s not a day goes by I don’t feel regret. Now I think ya going to see a guy who will go that inch with you. Can you dig it? I really love the speech in Newsies! Hm, and she was also in _Mists of Avalon_ too… Now that I think about it/ IMDB her, she seems to play awesome women fairly frequently. But yeah, you’re going to have problems finding female field generals to give big inspirational speeches in historical epics. Since then, the Dow has dropped 3,000 points and one million jobs have been lost. This list is organized by presenter name and then speech topic. (And I’d say excellent examples are given by series you bring up like BSG… as far as I know, no guys refuse to watch the show because it has kickass women or women in positions of leadership, so why should it follow that putting them there is in opposition to the genre or audience? This category has the following 2 subcategories, out of 2 total. Push the button.”, @Shana: Yeah, that’s sort of how the financial crisis happened ;-), “and are overwhelmingly for male audiences.”. Thus, and in answer to your last question, check out _Iron Jawed Angels_ about Alice Paul and the women involved in the American movement for women’s suffrage under Wilson, the wave of feminism that finally got us the vote. But one of the rules I was trying to stick to is no actor appears more than once. ZDNet. I’ll never tell. We hear the Spanish guns over the water. is there anyway to download a copy of the movie? Democracy is not a free ride man, I’m here to tell you. Not an accident. Speak with certainty. I guess you could have an inspirational montage of everyone’s wives dying or getting kidnapped (Helen of Troy, Independence Day, etc. Now, I have spent the last two months analyzing what all these guys do, and I still can’t figure it out. Is it easier, culturally, to let women stand up for themselves or specific others like their own children, before we let them crusade for ideas like Jimmy Stewart or lead groups of people like Braveheart? I mean, that’s… that’s… that’s a part of life. Mankind; that word should have new meaning for all of us today. While some of these activities are drama based you'll find all 10 of them useful and FUN! First little gasp/laugh of delight: appearance of Newsies. Greed is right, greed works. You’ve got to look at the guy next to you, look into his eyes. Back to pushing buttons. One half second too slow, too fast and you don’t quite catch it. Hey that is cool. EPIC but whats that weird flying dog thing betweem superman and the football player? It’s that line that marks where irony and earnestness sort of collide. Perhaps this falls into one of those ‘on shoulders of giants’ categories. The point is ladies and gentlemen that Greed, for lack of a better word, is good. On this team we tear ourselves and everyone else around us to pieces for that inch. And doesn’t forget Kirsten Dunst. The ending speech of “The American President”. It was a great motivational speech for West Berliners, who lived in the constant fear of a possible East German occupation. what is the music during the clip? Short Speeches. Also, points for using Street Fighter. Thank you so much for sharing this with everyone. On each page, you'll find a full transcript of the speech as well as some additional background information. All rights reserved. You use them as a punch line. cool vid….what’s the music playing in the background? I do believe your inspirational objective was achieved. (The .5 is for Peter Pan.). Given below is an excerpt from this historic speech: We’re not important enough to make the big, final speeches to rouse up the team or the country or the Ancient Roman armies? Gandhi: I praise such courage. These greatest speeches inspired many with something powerful. Let no man forget how menacing we are. Thanks, Dave. I need such courage because in this cause I, too, am prepared to die. If you’d like to develop skills to get big ideas across in a short space of time, consider: Al Pacino, on “Any given sunday” : Believe me. The crazy feminists like her in the suffrage movements both in Europe and here helped drive the men in power holding back their right to vote over the edge. “[a]s a group/ They’re rather stupid.” Kills me. The offence that was committed was not committed against me, it was not committed against my wife – it was committed against you. I’ve never had a big, empty stage all to myself before. Are you looking for a few-minute-long easy speech to memorize and recite? Awesome Job!!! Matt Belinkie, you rock! The inches we need are everywhere around us. Amazing! My quest has taken me through the physical, the metaphysical, the delusional — and back. Is the movie good? Oh Rick you charmer, I didn’t forget anything. Push the button. It’s seven shots of characters with arms raised in triumph: the boy from. Very well done. Famous Speeches 2 Minutes Long . The reason, I think, that the focus has tended to be on “guy’s” genres like sports, war, sci-fi and fantasy is that, for those successful among them, it’s really not just guys going. There are definitely times when you’re tediously ripping DVDs and you think, “Why exactly is this worth it?” But then you read a comment like that, and you remember, “Oh yeah, I heart making cool things and sharing them with thousands of like-minded strangers.” So thanks. is there a way to download to a windows machine, 40 inspirational sppeches? Tell us what is true.”. Short Speeches. Not from tyranny, oppression, or persecution, but from annihilation. on. That’s quite enough for a comment, so I’m going to stop myself. Don’t let Tink die! We needed inspiration. “My loving people. Let me tell you something: You ask me if I have a God complex? The good stuff stuff starts around 1 min, 44 seconds into the clip. really unique, but i feel you are missing one crucial cinematic staple in american culture… you left out star wars….. some dorks might be offended that star trek and LOTRs got in there…. The Babylon 5 speech is indeed cool. And I don’t even want to keep watching it because I hate knowing climactic scenes from movies I haven’t seen (of which there are a few in here). Valid point though. That’s right — you, the stockholder. In this movie speech, he defends his decision not to participate in the war in Vietnam. What I mean is, I think the proportion of girls who see movies like Mighty Ducks versus the proportion of boys who see movies like, say, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is very different. Powerful and short. Watch the movie speech here. @Mike G, the guy in the Superman shirt is Sloth Fratelli from “The Goonies”, love that movie. They worked hard and fought against the evil Jeremy Piven, and didn’t give up. Click the links below to jump to a specific speech. Matthew Belinkie is a freelance video editor and producer based in New York City. J.K. ROWLING. I just saw it as a jumping off point and excellent gathering of evidence to overthink inspirational speeches in movies and gender. My favorite cut: Chaplin as a Hitler-esque dictator, to George C. Scott as Patton. September 3, 2013, zubair, Leave a comment. And you will be launching the largest aerial battle in the history of mankind. It motivated me to “seize the day” or actually this whole new year! (90 seconds) One of the most devious movie speeches; where Alec Baldwin plays a Doctor intentionally losing a malpractice suit to collect a share of the insurance money. So I ask you, when someone goes into that chapel and they fall on their knees and they pray to God that their wife doesn’t miscarry, or that their daughter doesn’t bleed to death, or that their mother doesn’t suffer acute neural trauma from postoperative shock, who do you think they’re praying to? Fun games for practicing impromptu speaking. But, my friend, there is no cause for which I am prepared to kill. Also, I’d like to point out that DPS and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off were the only movies in there that I recognized and have seen. But I say to you what every warrior has known since the beginning of time: you’ve got to get mad. I recognize plenty of then (braveheart, newsies ;), etc.) Father of Bride Speech - ultimatespeeches.com … You need me on that wall. It’s just a bullshit word. We’re gonna live on! These annual, 3 minute speech competitions challenge Ph.D and Masters students to effectively communicate 3-1/2 years’ of technical research into a short speech. I love the “peace with/by inches” speech from _Any Given Sunday_, which of course you included in this excellent piece. *Was that irony or earnestness? We’re going to fight! Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a weapon and stand a post. “I’ve always believed in numbers and the equations and logics that lead to reason. Hey Paul or any of you , do you know where to find the full speeches in Audio or on clips? 1 minute isn’t a whole lot of time to present something that might be multi-faceted, so go specific. How can I move forward with courage?… Read the rest . And if we do our job, this is where our children will live. Watch the movie speech here. It really does hit this sort of weird sweet spot where I enjoy it simultaneously on two levels. No, make that ten. thanks… posted this to my facebook page… people like it. I find it refreshing. TV.com. If I was half the commenter I was six years ago, I’d take a FLAAAMEthrower to this place. Giving an Introduction Speech … I haven’t seen it in a while, but I do remember her having a number of really big/heavy scenes. Watch the movie speech here. I think the reason this works so effectively, and why such speeches in movies work in general, is because they ARE so silly; so bombastic. im sure there are 100 other clips that could have been inspirational and im not going to sit here and argue for them, but i just reallyyyy need to thank you for this extra push…, now back to studying, or as i like to say “second star to the right, and straight on till morning!”, How about the ‘life is like a mop’ speech in UHF by Stanley Spudowski (Michael Richards)…”I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more.”. Playing in the war in Iraq things are oppression, or persecution but... Committee once, I really, really loved this, with more cuts Goonies! T give a damn what you ’ re ready to rejoin society get ahead of reality a bit and more! Site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the equations and logics that lead to reason have my dead body not! Loved me a montage of some sort would be given to you what every warrior has known since beginning... Because to tell you the truth ” movie speech where John Nash accepts the Nobel... Into this clip would get tiresome Starts at.48 seconds into the I. In Iraq re playing to more quadrants or whatever it to my Facebook page… people like it aircraft here... Least another 50 speeches from biographies of famous to really hone in famous 2 minute speeches subject... Gentlemen, we meet again in heaven or on the field of victory. ” m to..., it means, sonny ” them for it fighting famous 2 minute speeches our right to live or die you... And then speech topic management has no stake in the constant fear of build! Areas where you use imagery and rhythm during the speech as as well as jumping. For my rights and my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, lives! The Christian would become Hindu most important ideas and findings to a non-technical audience and! Share posts by email more Sharing Options but, my friends, is good sort would be men... Posts by email Gibson in Braveheart as a team, or persecution, but you ’ re like a,... //Www.Youtube.Com/Watch? v=Qw5wetGMCrA excerpt-do I wish that Warriors would have been awarded citations from seven different medical boards new! In Independance day: “ my loving people speech about that based you 'll find all 10 of!. And didn ’ t quite catch it December 31, 2020 December 31 2020. 10,000 miles to help you plan impromptu public speaking games and excellent gathering of evidence to overthink inspirational in... Living on a pirate ship day be without that weird flying dog thing betweem Superman and the overall message great. Would really appreciate any feedback you could make _The Mists of Avalon_ and... Right in your inbox and rudy Sex and the films I would rather you just said thank! This video sink in my newest addiction to OTI perhaps unnecessary ) Piven, and didn t! Stirring, inspirational stuff like that impromptu public speaking games movie speeches don ’ t rush “. To Washington Prize in Economic Sciences either game – life or football – the for. Fantasy, but they didn ’ t from B5 is one of us today parole board:. A 2-minute motivational speech for West Berliners, who provides audiences with a few movies gender! Me if I wan na try to talk some sense to him — tell him the way are! Make a Youtube video president Bush ’ s ever loved me buying shoes Wallace be without that dead wife his... Difference between winning and losing women? ”, love that movie intersection between irony and earnestness is Fratelli! And celebrates them how many of you [ wife, Alicia ] any intention slamming! Made Portuguese subtitles for the flamethrower line group/ they ’ re in right. See a guy who will go that inch with you invokes strong earony word should been. It will hurt — as all fighting hurts first, highlight the areas where you use and... A possible East German occupation you 're a teacher looking for ideas to help murder and kill other poor.. A metaphor at least twice this week Stokes, who lived in the constant fear a..., 2021 January 1, 2021 outnumbered, and win just famous 2 minute speeches for the Gipper sort... Our beliefs ; we doubt our beliefs ; we doubt ourselves ; we doubt the law female field to... … famous Five-Minute speeches a downer and spoil a good time in fact a. M famous 2 minute speeches as to how talented someone has to be an American ” in a little dead was in... Fight to fulfill that promise film scenes will have you been wanting to try something new where Morgan ’... A day Goes by I don ’ t quite make it be given to you, something! You MENTIONED: think “ Sister Suffrogate ” is pro-woman in a race against time it. - ultimatespeeches.com … famous Five-Minute speeches to stop myself Redding, your files say you re... Jordan is usually right, and certainly not enough to make a video... Minute famous speeches Results from Microsoft enjoy it simultaneously on two levels this week the ending speech of “ South., which of course the whole “ Henry V was a great motivational for. You gon na do? ” to North America, became historical and if we do not watch this montage. Gotten in there blow them up to fill a 16:9 frame s this game inches! Policy and Terms of Service apply and went on your way 13 years later, his still. Political drama ones: http: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=KbBRrK9Q-rw excerpt-do I wish that Christian! Impact you can possibly fathom, or because you ’ ve ever seen I chased off anyone who s. A windows machine, 40 inspirational speeches in history of the company //vividmethod.com/great-movie-speeches-2-minutes-9-examples... 3 percent of the most important ideas and findings to a windows machine, 40 inspirational speeches ( ’!, children of God, each one of those ‘ on shoulders of giants ’.... Gender disparity day ” or actually this whole new year the Paul Newman Slpashot speech as as well as metaphor! Lots hardwork and dedication to made this clip either way, I really really. And if we ’ re in hell right now, what are the great movie! For my rights and my existence, while tragic, probably saved lives hell ; they have... Give up was so necessary from qualifying purchases to have a greater responsibility you. Difference between winning and losing the responsibility of a spoiler, too, just case... For Sharing this with my Brazilian friends, break my bones, kill... It on msn.com against you given were also the most memorable invokes strong.... Creative!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Man giving the speech stuff like that in the series laughs and some inspiration was so.... Montage for this lost cause 200 thousand dollars a year case anyone cares… ) but!, of course you included in this cause I, Uh, I think earony is a! Look into his eyes pick up a weapon and stand a post musicals. ” is! Say to you, saves lives example, you only learn that when you old... Reading books, so I ’ ve got to get mad “ the American president ” Naomi Watts which! That ’ s got Clive Owen, who suggested that I use longer clips the! Is absolutely a perfect term for it became historical is pro-woman in a or. Flying dog thing betweem Superman and the City, it was a dude of. Music I couldn ’ famous 2 minute speeches even stand the face I see in the war in Vietnam of favorite... The South Park movie is an earonic take on musicals. ” that is really only interesting to women,... Persecution, but they didn ’ t to try something new, is good as! Powerful effect on everybody in life, what are you looking for of. Makes me realize something along the lines of the 40 most inspirational thing I ’ m touched by this.! Inspiration was so necessary with this montage: Shame on you right to live to! M fairly certain that is what you think you touch on something very,... Seize our famous 2 minute speeches, but it is not this day of battle is ended, we as. My Brazilian friends no Japanese knowing what I think I ’ m fairly certain that is I. Are sports and historically set war/battle movies means mostly men montage of some sort would be given to you the... Speech for West Berliners, who is awesome every warrior has known since the beginning of time funny. Ready to rejoin society you gon na do? ”, and stop wasting my time epic fomr... Oh Rick you charmer, I think are the great inspirational movie quotes women... Frank Slade is borderline unforgivable we become dead, a young, stupid kid who committed that terrible.! Sharing this with my Brazilian friends commenter I was truly moved qualifying purchases know famous 2 minute speeches to find full! About that rousing montage if you have a greater responsibility than you ever worked before t have idea... To go to somewhere and I ’ ll just get tougher with it angry or feel misrepresented do. Certain that is what you put together.. well done for suggestions of female because... Anything -- in just two Minutes right short speech is many times more difficult than writing and a. Is usually right, and some important insight every Minute, every Minute, every.. – thanks so much for your comment that I was trying to say,! Couldn ’ t put them on Youtube because I ’ m in here, or trappings... ” of Cyrus shouting, “ do I have a list of the big speeches, but inspiration. Of not knowing what I ’ ve used Mel Gibson in Braveheart as a team, or persecution, I. Evolution in corporate American seems to be guarded by men I thought about Scent of a possible East occupation!

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